From ‘Mapping the impact of social enterprise on disadvantaged individuals and communities in Australia’s regional cities’

WISE spaces for individual wellbeing

  • For capability-building – variety of types of tasks and places to do these that allow employees to learn and grow their skills to the maximum potential for them.
  • For social connection – tasks that involve problem-solving, negotiation and team-work are good for making new and diverse connections and building trust.
  • For making people feel secure – regular routines, continuity of caring support workers and availability of quiet, tranquil spaces where people can be alone if they need a bit of time out.

WISE and community wellbeing

  • WISEs provide spaces for encounter and connection for ‘bridging’ between people from diverse backgrounds in communities.
  • WISEs can provide unique, tailored, high quality products in a timely manner.
  • Their connections with other organisations in the community generate a web of social and economic benefit.

WISE and Wellbeing

  • WISE show there is a different way to understand the local economy by focusing on social and wellbeing, rather than purely financial outcomes
  • There is still a manifest tension between social and financial outcomes that can be stressful and difficult to navigate
  • WISE enable multiple forms of wellbeing as a core part of their productive economic function rather than as an adjunct to it

From ‘Improving Health Equity of Young People? The role of social enterprise’

WISE working with young people:

  • Support mental health by improving young people’s confidence, recognising their strengths and increasing their skills and social connections
  • Increase healthier behaviours by providing new knowledge, time structure, and boundaries combined with support.

WISE achieve these outcomes by:

  • Providing wraparound support, meeting young people where they are and emphasising young people’s assets and abilities
  • Offering multiple work streams and sites, through which young people develop diverse skills and learn from a variety of people and situations in a positive and inclusive workplace
  • Promoting the strengths of young people through their networks and customer relationships

Interactive animation – exploring WISE Spaces of Wellbeing

In this interactive animation you can explore the different spaces in a social enterprise to experience how different activities, space designs and policies support the realisation of wellbeing for people and communities.

Click and drag your way around the featured Social Enterprise to explore different spaces.

Click on the + to see what wellbeing is being generated and how to support this in your own social enterprise